'Protection' Green Chalcedony Sterling Silver Ring


Green chalcedony strengthens one’s soul and protects them from evil energies, especially keeping them away from one’s mind and body. Like most green stones, this stone promotes goodwill and a sense of unity, leading to a better world for us to live in!

Chalcedony holds the power to both heal and cleanse the wearer, keeping negative energies from being spread out to the world. Not to mention, this stone is so versatile! People use this stone for protection, meditation, enhancing social relationships and communication, and builds the wearer's self confidence!

Wear this ring for protection as you’d wear an evil eye emblem.

Remember, chalcedony does rank at a 6-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning though it is typically stable and is comparable to the hardness of a steel nail, this stone should be treated with a little more caution than a diamond.

Metal - 925 Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold
Stone - Green Chalcedony and Cubic Zirconium

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