A Grade Aquamarine Double Terminated Point and Sterling Silver Pendant


-Colorless to blue to rare aqua bluish-green color

-March Birthstone

-Beryl family (emerald, morganite, etc.)

The mystery of aquamarine dates back to the ancient times of the Druids, where this stone was believed to keep away dark presences, and to in turn invite more positive presences associated with light. This stone is now said to also increase clairvoyance and intuition in those who are in touch with the gift, hence why it is used regularly in divination and manifestation. Sailors and those who are associated with the sea used aquamarine as a protective talisman to prevent rough journeys, as we wear aquamarine in modern times to prevent rough emotional and physical journeys as well. Aquamarine, named after its fluid and beautiful blue nature, is also a stone that promotes peace, calmness and mental clarity. This beautiful naturally occurring stone is also said to help with communication as well as opening up the heart chakra.

Our hand shaped double point pendants have an exquisite sterling silver setting, perfect to throw on a chain and just go. Though a chain is not included in the price, we offer a wide array of types and lengths that you may choose from for a discounted price when you purchase a pendant.


  • Stone Grade - A
  • Pendant Height - 20 mm 
  • Pendant Width - 6 mm
  • Materials - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone - Aquamarine
  • Stone Weight - 2.1-2.5 g avg.

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