'Angelic Babe' Angel Wing Remembrance Adjustable Ring


The rounded angel wings are delicate and soft and emit a sense of innocence. Welded onto the adjustable band and adorned with rhinestones, this ring is perfect for the magical and mystical alike. Whether you are looking to remember and honor a loved one that is no longer with us on this physical earth or whether you are looking to reach out to a deity to work with them in a sign of respect and communication, this ring offers a pathway of communication for those not directly visible to us.

Historically, wings on a human or angel wings symbolize a message being passed on to you from the beyond. To others, it symbolizes being watched over by a loved one. In pagan history, wings directly symbolize divinity and spirituality. Given that we look to our goddesses for guidance in paganism and wiccan beliefs, this ring may be used as a symbol of your yearning to work with a certain deity. This is a way you are showing your ability to communicate to your deity as you research them and start communicating with them.

On another hand, when respecting and revering a loved one, one can wear this ring to symbolize the physical loss of said loved one, in remembrance of how much they mean to you and how they will always metaphorically be with you!

  • Metal - Zinc Alloy
  • Stone - Cubic Zirconium
  • Size - Adjustable

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