'Align My Chakras' Dainty Natural Beaded Gemstone and Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bracelet

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These bracelets bring some balance into your life where you feel you're otherwise lacking! Perfect for those looking to align their chakras through a mystical and lasting piece!

For best results, wear this bracelet as much as you can to manifest what it is you need! 

Check out some of the descriptions below to find your perfect match!

Gold Rutilated Quartz - cleanses one's aura; lifts spirits and nourishes one's soul

Lapis Lazuli - builds on psychic and celestial energies

Amethyst - aids in intuition, balance, and opening one's third eye

Moonstone - aids in safe travel and intuition

Aquamarine - opening communication skills and cleansing one's emotional body

Red Agate - third eye vision and healing ailments

Strawberry Quartz - supports the immune system whilst healing physical pain

Powder Crystal - allows leadership qualities to shine and allows blessings

Because we could not explain all the important qualities of stones, crystals and gems in our description, be sure to head to our blog to read more about crystals and their powers : https://kawaiikandi.com/blogs/witchy-basics/the-meaning-of-gems 

This piece of crystal jewelry uses real stones and is rooted in the philosophy of bringing a bit of daily magic into your life. 


  • Length - 19.5 cm or 7.7 inches
  • Materials- Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver
  • Pendant - 8 mm or roughly 2 carats of natural stone

Note: Take care of this bracelet as you would other sterling silver jewelry (no chemicals, keep it dry, don't exert too much force, etc.).


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