AA Grade Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Pendant


-Milky white (sometimes marbled black and white) stone with flashes of color

-June birthstone

-Classified as a labradorite

Rainbow moonstone is quite an uplifting stone that raises one's optimism and improves calmness in those seeking it. Sometimes, there are flecks of black in this stunning white labradorite that is identified to be black tourmaline. These pieces of rainbow moonstone are even more rare, as the stones work together to ward off negative energies and to in turn create a spiritual cleanse Rainbow moonstone is not a moonstone at all, though the visual appearances may trick one into thinking the opposite. While moonstone is more tolerant to water, rainbow moonstone (technically white labradorite) should not be kept in wet places for long.

Rainbow moonstone is usually seen as a balancer between negative and positive energy as well as a fertility and feminine mysticism. 

Our hand shaped pendants have an exquisite sterling silver setting, perfect to throw on a chain and just go. Though a chain is not included in the price, we offer a wide array of types and lengths that you may choose from for a discounted price when you purchase a pendant.


  • Stone Grade - AA
  • Pendant Height - 12 mm
  • Materials - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone - Rainbow Moonstone (White Labradorite)
  • Stone Weight - 1.6 g avg.

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