A+ Grade Pink Peruvian Opal and Sterling Silver Teardrop Shaped Pendant


-Pink opaque hues with flecks of minerals

-Only found in the Andes mountains in Peru

-Opal family

Pink opal is extremely rare and is one of the most important healing stones to come into existence. The Incans considered this a sacred stone that is meant to share peace and harmony in the world. This rare and unique stone is also used to help with depression and moments of self doubt. Like other pink gemstones, this stone promotes a softer kind of love and kindness!

Our pendants do stand alone, unless pictured and described otherwise, but we have a wide array of sterling silver chains you may choose from at a discounted price!


  • Stone Grade - A+
  • Materials - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone - Peruvian Pink Opal
  • Stone Weight - 5-5.3 g avg.

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