'Herbs, Candles and Crystals! Oh My!' Witchcraft Altar Supply Box


This deluxe starter's kit is perfect for anyone who needs a change up of their altar, or a beginner just setting up! 

There are multiple types of manifestation rituals that will be available in the box.

The box includes:
-10 Chime Candles (for color candle magick)
-A set of crystals of your choice 
-Hand packed herbs and spices
-A velvet altar cloth (colors and patterns may vary)
-A glass candlestick holder
-Tealight Candles
-A candle snuffer (colors may vary)
-A guide to the power of crystals and herbs
-A mantra (if you provide us with your intention; if you prefer to keep it to yourself, that is fine as well! You have all the materials needed to come up with your own)
-A selenite wand

All in a custom designed limited edition box created by yours' truly! 

Possible Crystal Sets to Choose from:

-8 piece mini crystal set with velvet pouch
-8 piece mini selenite crescent moon bowl with crystals
-11 piece crystal set including a pendulum, heart shaped selenite, a rose quartz cluster and clear quartz cluster (with wooden box)
-11 piece crystal set with a pendulum, amethyst cluster, and rose quartz cluster

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