'Night Stalker' Cecil Hotel Vintage Keychain Motel Style Keyfob


We spent hours analyzing the original key tag from the hotel letter by letter to find a close font, found a burgundy similar to the originals, and went with the classic hotel key tag shape. Of course we had to add some Kawaii flair to our creepy fare, because that’s just who we are, so we have a baby blue, powder pink, and classic black option as well!

Replicated by Della from Kawaii Kandi in Late February/Early March to look like the vintage original keyfobs with a modern flair!


We grew up in Los Angeles, so stories of our eerie past were always prominent. From the deaths and suicides around this large city that haunt hotels and residences of every corner, we were inspired. Richard Ramirez was our boogie man, and the Cecil Hotel was his cave. We native Angelinos loved to visit the haunted parts of our town and of course we had to visit the Cecil in 2014/2015. The Cecil Hotel features a beautiful art deco lobby, but we were not allowed to go past since we did not have a reservation. The double staircase led up to a beautiful bar and the columns were so ornate. Despite its beauty, we felt some bad vibes coming, especially from the check-in, though the lady working the front desk was as sweet and kind as could be.

Now, with plenty of attention coming back to the Cecil, we wanted to bring back some of the charm with this classic motel key rings that we had designed and handcrafted over the last few weeks!


  • Keychain Length -
  • Charm Height - 
  • Charm Width - 
  • Materials - Acrylic and Zinc Alloy

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