Introduction to Magic and Manifestation

We do not necessarily believe that spirituality has to be linked to religion, as much as spirituality has to do with the belief and practice of anything. God may or may not be included in one's spiritual journey. 

People usually think wicca and witch are interchangeable words. Wicca is a following. Wiccans do typically believe in deities, whilst a witch may or may not.

For example, one can be an atheist and a witch; one can be a wiccan and a witch; but one cannot be an atheist and a wiccan. 

Our typical thoughts on magic is that we are defying the laws of the natural earth and are disrupting the normal balance of life. To this, I have one question. Have you ever wanted something so bad, you thought about it day and night? You've prayed for something you've been longing for and eventually you get exactly what you wanted. This type of magic, referred to as manifestation, is parallel to the law of attraction. Affirmations are a big part of manifestation and the law of attraction rely on positive affirmations. One would not say "I do not want to be poor anymore". Instead, one would say "My wallet is abundant with cash and I am worthy of all my wealth". 

Affirmations rely on positivity. Do not use negative words in your affirmations.

Never speak in the past or future tense. Speak as if what you are manifesting is your present and a fact. 

The last note I will leave you all with before examples are that your affirmations should be in the most literal sense possible. If you want to be monetarily rich, you have to specify. If you want a romantic relationship instead of a platonic one, that also has to be specified. It is as if you are making a wish to a tricky genie. 

Here are some simple affirmations one can chant while meditating:

"I am deeply loved. My relationship with (name here) is amazing. I feel validated."

"I have money. My wallet and stomach is full. I am able to pay my bills. I am happy with the house and car I have. I am happy with how abundant I am in life."

"I am healthy. I take care of my body. I nourish my body. I love my body."

"I am in control of my situation. I am calm. I am collected. I have the answer to my problem."

Affirmations work off repetition, but you have to believe your affirmation. If the words you are speaking feel false, forced, or triggering, it may not be your time to affirm those feelings. Just know this happens to everyone at some point and it does not mean you are doing something wrong. It is simply just better to practice that affirmation at a different time. 

I will leave you all with these words to ponder over for the next few days as I write out a new chapter. 

Blessed Be and don't forget to ask any questions.

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