'Stargazer' Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold with Garnet or Blue Topaz Adjustable Ring Set


This astronomy themed ring set is beautiful for any stargazing moon child! Set with either Garnet or Topaz, you can feel like fire and ice royalty! Not to mention, this all inclusive ring is adjustable, so it's perfect and you never have to second guess anyone's ring size!

Garnet is known to be a stone rooted in loyalty, fidelity, devotion, consistency and truth while blue topaz has powers pertaining to soothe and redirect energies. So whether you're looking to show your devotion to another or are looking to treat yourself to a bit of self love, this ring set is a perfect fit (no pun intended)

Don't forget that due to the alloy properties of sterling silver, try not to keep this piece dry and away from forceful situations (no showering, heavy exercising, sleeping etc.) in order to keep this ring in tip top shape! We give you a box to keep this precious piece safe whilst doing any activities that you may find risky!

Metal - 925 Sterling Silver / 14K Gold Plating

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