'Stability and Serenity' White Opal and Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Choker

White opal specifically is used to clear up a cloudy mindset based on one's feelings, or instability in one's energy and luck. In general, opal is known to be helpful during meditation, manifestation, and cleansing of one's spirit. Charging one's stones may help one from feeling emotionally drained and will keep the stone consistently strong. Wear this beautiful piece to keep your higher self at peace!

This dainty opal choker is absolutely gorgeous, minimal, and unique! The center opal is surrounded by 2 small opals and 2 small cubic zirconia stones that draw attention to and accentuate the center opal stone!

Don't forget that due to the alloy properties of sterling silver, try not to keep this piece dry and away from forceful situations (no showering, heavy exercising, sleeping etc.) in order to keep this ring in tip top shape! We give you a box to keep this precious piece safe whilst doing any activities that you may find risky!

Metal - 925 Sterling Silver

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