‘Pinwheel Swirl’ Realistic Candy Lollipop Keychain


A keychain so yummy, you'll want to eat it up! This sweet piece comes in assorted vibrant colors so it will be sure to be noticed! Add it to any purse, backpack, or set of keys to let your personality shine through!

Remember walking into a grocery store with your parents and laying your eyes upon the big swirled lollipops! They seemed so sweet and delicious, and once in a while, if they said yes, you could indulge in this classic treat! Textured with the swirls of an actual lollipop, these keychains are going to make your sweet tooth tingle all over again! These keychains are not only nostalgic, they are fully detailed to take you back to a better time! 

Warning: *Please do not put in mouth or ingest, as they are not real candy*

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