A+ Grade Carnelian and Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Pendant


-A beautiful array of fall colors, blending reds, oranges, and gold tones

-Associated as an alternative birthstone for August

-Chalcedony family

Carnelian's fiery energy is represented through its beautiful colors. This stone represents leadership, courage and energy and is a great stimulator, as well as empowering stone. This stone of action has also been associated with feminine energy throughout history, and is specifically linked to the Egyptian goddess Isis. The darker the tone of the carnelian, the more masculine energy rather than feminine. This fall-hued semi-precious chalcedony can also be worn to exponentially increase love and passion.

Our pendants do stand alone, unless pictured and described otherwise, but we have a wide array of sterling silver chains you may choose from at a discounted price!


  • Stone Grade - A+
  • Pendant Height - 12 mm 
  • Materials - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone - Natural Carnelian
  • Stone Weight - 1.7 g avg.

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