'Batty Babe' Adjustable Ring


Unfortunately, these (mostly) herbivores have garnered a negative symbol throughout their history, due to misunderstanding. Bats used to (and still do to some) symbolize darkness and death, due to their nocturnal nature. Fortunately, now that we do know more about them, we can say they symbolize sensitivity and/or transition and change. This is due to the ability of bats to navigate their surroundings with what little senses they have left, as well as the old stories we have of bats typically transforming to other beings. Though bats still seem to be a bad omen in some cultures, in others they symbolize growth and change as well as godliness!

This twist on classic bat Halloween rings are sure to hold up much better than the plastic ones! Made of strong brass, and reeking of strong sass, how fun are these? Pair with a nice coffin or stiletto shaped nail and show off that manicure, bb!

Metal - Brass

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