'Au Naturale' Protection Natural Crystal Point Keychain

$9.99 $10.99

These keychains feature a beautiful stone point on each detailed, engraved metal keychain! The large key-ring is great for keeping your keys secure and safe! These natural stone and crystal keychains come in a multitude of colors and is perfect for keeping bad energy away!

Amethyst - aids in intuition, balance, and opening one's third eye
Jade - aids in luck and prosperity, as well as symbolizing generosity; fantastic for manifestation of prosperity both physically and mentally
Turquoise - connects mind, body, and soul; known as the 'Master Healing Stone'
Rose Quartz - aids in unconditional love and passion
Moonstone - aids in safe travel and intuition
Tiger's Eye - aids in optimism, good luck, and willpower
Lapis Lazuli - expands psychic energy and celestial energies
Quartz - clarifying and amplifying energy and clarity
Onyx - aids in stabilization and protection

*Colors may be different in person due to the differing color/settings of computer screens/mobile devices*

  • Length of Stone - 3.5 cm or 1.4 in
  • Length of Whole Keychain - 7 cm or 2.8 in

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