TRUSTED SELLER 3.819 grams Genuine Moldavite Sterling Silver Pendant AA Grade


Square Cut Rough Back Moldavite - AA Grade

I AM A TRUSTED SELLER IN "MOLDAVITE EXPERIENCE" ON FACEBOOK AND ALL MY PIECES ARE AUTHENTIC 100% GENUINE MOLDAVITE Moldavite (also known as “The Holy Grail’ stone, the Emerald of Lucifer, the Philosopher’s Stone) is a very powerful and mystical gemstone from the tektite family. Occurring from an event that took place roughly 14.7-14.8 million years ago, this prized stone spiked in popularity around 25,000 years ago for good fortune and fertility. This beautiful variation of tektite glass has a unique, green color and has the power for a complete spiritual transformation. Moldavite is associated mostly with the heart chakra and in layman’s terms gets you where you need to be. It is the stone of transformation, and many people feel that bond and magick starting to work when they get a “flush”, which is best described as a warm tingly feeling. If you don’t feel the flush immediately, that’s alright and you may need to bond with it! Our personal favorite use for Moldavite is ridding negativity from our lives. We use this stone as a protection amulet that allows us to move forward from any pain or hurt we have experienced or may be experiencing right now! Moldavite is well paired with Herkimer Diamonds, as well as Black Tourmaline! This piece is roughly 4 grams and of high quality. The front of the piece is very smooth, while the back is kept natural and rough to show off the beautiful natural pattern on the stone. This listing is for the stone pendant shown in the images and does not include a chain, though we will have some available soon. It is an AA quality piece of moldavite that is fitted with a 925 Sterling Silver Bail/Claw. Please, please, please do not use a chain that is harder than Sterling Silver (such as stainless steel or zinc/aluminum/copper alloys) as it will damage the chain and possible lead to the loss of the pendant.

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