A+ Grade Raw Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendant


-Waxy/Opaque with different notes of blues, greens, and metallic tones

-Birthstone associated with Sagittarius

-One of most expensive stones in the jewelry market, priced higher than even some metals

Turquoise is said to help with mood fluctuations and long periods of apathy. Empathic people can also benefit from turquoise, as this stone helps ward off outer negative influences. This calming stone has multiple properties that help soothe one from healing those who are agitated to helping people who have pre menstrual syndrome or perimenopause. Turquoise is also a healing stone. This stone helps you open up your heart in order to feel and love. This feminine stone radiates motherly love and nurturing and can in turn help with matronly relationships. This stone is also said to help with and heal depression, anxiety and panic attacks brought on by anxiety due to its nurturing and motherly qualities.

Our pendants have an exquisite sterling silver setting, perfect to throw on a chain and just go. Though a chain is not included in the price, we offer a wide array of types and lengths that you may choose from for a discounted price when you purchase a pendant.


  • Stone Grade - A+
  • Materials - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone - Turquoise
  • Stone Weight - 2.1-2.2 g avg.

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