'Royal Blood Spilled' Wire Wrapped 14k Gold Plated and Freshwater Pearl Natural Red Agate Bracelet


This wire wrapped red agate bracelet is surrounded by beautiful freshwater pearls that make this piece absolutely unique! The red agate set in the middle is a work of art, with its stunning red color and protective properties! The pearls welcome good fortune and prosperity making this wire wrapped bracelet all the more exciting to wear!

Red Agate - creates a very intimate and close relationship between the wearer and our mother Earth; cleanses the root chakra from toxins
Pearls - brings good luck, prosperity, and fortune to the wearer


  • Bracelet Length - 16 cm or 6.3 in
  • Pendant Height - 
  • Pendant Width - 
  • Materials - 925 Sterling Silver and Copper and 14k Yellow Gold
  • Gemstone - Freshwater Pearl and Natural Red Agate

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