A+ Grade Ocean Jasper Teardrop Cabochon and Sterling Silver Pendant


-A beautiful array of colors in a bubble like pattern

- A variation of the March Birthstone

-Technically a chalcedony, rather than a jasper due to the translucentness

Ocean jasper is found in the northwest coast of Madagascar. This is a stone that brings tranquility and relieves stress. In addition to being a soothing stone, ocean jasper can rid negative energies, including those found in nightmares. This stone is great for healers and allows empaths to heal themselves, to provide a less draining experience for themselves.

Our hand shaped pendants have an exquisite sterling silver setting, perfect to throw on a chain and just go. Though a chain is not included in the price, we offer a wide array of types and lengths that you may choose from for a discounted price when you purchase a pendant.


  • Stone Grade - A+
  • Materials - 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone -Ocean Jasper
  • Stone Weight - 7.9-8.1 g

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