'Precious and Poised' Vintage Filigree and Green Cubic Zirconium Pendant Necklace


This copper necklace accentuated by tiny green cubic zirconia is a beautiful addition to any closet! The piece exudes vintage vibes that are perfect for old-timey dinner parties or even modern day retro looks! Due to how beautiful the filigree is, we decided to let the geometric patterns speak for themselves and added just a hint of color!

Speaking of colors, in color magick green represents wealth and abundance! Paired with the rich gold tone of this copper and extravagant patterns of the wrapped wire, this necklace attracts wealth, whether monetarily, spiritually, or emotionally.

  • Metal - Copper
  • Chain Length - 43 cm or 17 in
  • Pendant Size - 1.5 cm or .6 in

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