The Meaning of Gems

We absolutely love gems. That is why our site carries a wide arrangement of them in different settings! 

Some people buy gems for aesthetic value, while others buy them for their power. Let me elaborate. Each stone is said to have a power that it can contribute to its wearer. Though not scientifically proven, anecdotally, people have seen a change in their daily lives through the use of stones paired with manifestation. 

Below is a list of stones and their powers: 

Agate: Agate protects you emotionally and brings harmony. This may be helpful, especially if you are one to have a fluctuation of emotions. Each color of agate, in itself, has a separate power and meaning, but harmony and protection are a common theme in each color. Some agate stones mimic a talisman worn to ward off the evil eye, so that is definitely an option for a natural protection against negativity.

Amethyst: An absolute favorite of all people spiritual, amethyst is said to protect the user emotionally. If you are one to meditate, amethyst can certainly lead you to different perspectives and views.

Aquamarine: This beautiful light blue stone is named after water since it mimics that cool, refreshing feeling. This stone can affect one's emotional state, bringing them calm, as large bodies of water typically do. BONUS, this stone has always been said to bring good luck!

Citrine: Citrine is known for bringing prosperity, both monetarily and in personal growth. Some may use it for tangible goods, while other may use it for the prosperity of their trade and career.

Garnet: Garnets, like agates, come in an array of colors, but generally all colors of garnet have a commonality: protection, health, and amplification of manifestation. Perfect for any manifestation spell, or just for general protection. Be sure to carry garnet with you nearly everywhere you go!

Jade: Though jade comes in many different colors, the one it is most known for is green. Throughout the world, green jade has been known to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Jade is also a symbol of wisdom, as it opens up chakras of the heart, allowing purification of your soul.

Labradorite: This stone is mystical, magical, and insightful! Giving you a glimpse of what can be and what would have been, labradorite clears your conscience and helps conjure up lost dreams! With these powers, one can really grow and transform their life for the better.

Lapis Lazuli: Royalty amongst stones, lapis lazuli represents power: power within, and power absorption from surroundings. Honesty is also a valuable power this stone holds, and this ultimately leads to greater inner worth!

Malachite: Malachite prevents hindering of your personal growth and allows metamorphosis (think caterpillar into butterfly). Imagine your "cocoon" was being threatened by negative forces, trying to prevent personal growth and change. Malachite would protect you in that sense.

Moonstone: Like women, this stone is beautiful and charming and representative of the femininity and grace that comes with being a woman. This stone is said to protect women and is named after our favorite symbol, the moon.

Obsidian/Onyx: Both of these black stones offer very similar powers to their holder. They protect ones who possess it against those who are selfish and self-serving.

Opal: My personal favorite ,given my line of work, is opal. Opal is said to allow the flow of creativity by ridding your surroundings of toxicity. Hence, peacefulness and expression are reasons to wear this stone religiously. 

Pearl: Yet, another great example of an element meant for goddesses. Pearls exemplify honesty and purity. Those self-destructive thoughts and behaviors we tend to give into will no longer be a problem with a protective pearl.

Quartz: Quartz comes in many hues and variations. After all, it is so common in the world that we can easily attribute the color to the power we look for. Clear quartz, for example, brings focus, while pink quartz (strawberry quartz) amplifies passion and love. 

Topaz: Topaz is so unique. From the array of colors to the wide variation of powers, this stone is a must for any spiritual being. Topaz is said to bring health, calm, and honesty while balancing one's life. You may be looking to use this stone when you are looking within yourself, whether to heal or to learn about what understanding you possess that you may have not come to terms with. 

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is the absolute best stone for positive energy! As our spiritual guides have said before: treat yo' self! This is the most fitting stone for that mantra!

Turquoise: This stone is for all my green witches and tree huggers (like myself). Turquoise brings an appreciation for nature in its purest form and also allows the one who possesses the stone to appreciate themselves as well, as they appreciate the purity around them.

This is just a general guide for some of our favorite stones that are sold on the site. We will be posting more in another series (hopefully weekly) and are here to speak on any subjects our lovely audience would like to learn about. Let us know if there is a stone we did not speak on that you would like to know more about or any other topics to expand the conversation on!

Blessed be!

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