'Summon Me’ Ouija Planchette Keychain


These keychains are perfect for any and all fans of the occult, ouija boards, murder mysteries and the supernatural!

This keychain helped kick off our company, Kawaii Kandi, in 2019 as we were playing with our art styles and mediums to come up with something that fully embodied our pastel goth aesthetic!

These glittery, resin keychains are adorned by a faux fur pom-pom and mini ouija planchette and are truly so cute, it's creepy!

These handmade resin ouija pieces are made with consideration of our environment. Meaning, we try to not waste any resin, creating a new project if we must, making the custom pieces to order, and overall keeping our efforts high in order to keep our carbon footprint low! Though we understand the impact that plastics have on the environment, we consciously try to create quality pieces that can last for years and dispose of our waste per recommended standards, after working with plenty of PPE and ventilation.

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